Artist Spotlight + 10 Questions for David Bergeron

David Bergeron has art in his blood. His father was an ironworker, his mother was a seamstress, and his grandfather was a self-taught carpenter. David was inspired by the artists around him to become one himself, but it was New Orleans that helped inspire David’s artist path. Hoping to make a difference in the amount of lumber waste he was seeing around New Orleans, David started making furniture and decor out of reclaimed lumber salvaged in Louisiana. We sat down with David and asked him 10 questions.

What is something people don’t know about you? A fun fact.

I once chased an alligator out of our front yard and back to the bayou with a push broom.

Describe your art in three words.

Functional. Upcycled. Conscientious.

Describe yourself in one word.


What do you love the most about creating art in New Orleans? What particular part of your immediate environment, in your neighborhood specifically influences your work?

I am heavily influenced by the attitudes and natural environment of the northern most Caribbean city, New Orleans.

Describe your creative process. Are there any rituals or rites of passage you exercise before you begin a new piece?

I start every day slowly with a cup of coffee and a clear mind. All of my designs start with a general concept that is dictated by the uniqueness of the materials.

Where do you draw inspiration?

Trash piles.

Who are your artistic influences or gurus?

I am inspired by the ingenuity and creativity of Southern culture.

In New Orleans, art and music go hand in hand. What type of music, band or song lyric best describes your work?

Music is a constant companion in our studio. We harbor inspiration from a vast array of musical styles, everything from Afro-Cuban to Zydeco.

Where can we find you when you are not creating art?

Dumpster diving.

What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year?

My daily 3 o’clock cup of coffee.