300 for 300 + What you need to know

The secret is out.

After six months of planning, we can finally share with you that in celebration of New Orleans Tricentennial, we’ve partnered with NOLA Media Group, producers of NOLA.com and The Times-Picayune to bring you 300 for 300: The people who make New Orleans, New Orleans. Each portrait will depict one of the 300 individuals that have shaped New Orleans over the past 300 years. Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday in The Times-Picayune, and every Tuesday through Sunday at Nola.com/300 and on Facebook @NOLAnews, the portraits will be released. Each artist will create 25 portraits over the course of 2018; all 300 portraits will be featured at a tricentennial exhibit next December. Every Wednesday, we will publish the portraits for sale exclusively on Where Y’Art.

Meet the Where Y’Artists chosen to portray 300 icons in celebration of New Orleans 300th birthday:

Gabriel Flores, Alexandra Kilburn, Connie Kittok, D. Lammie-Hanson, Michael McManus, Jeff Morgan, Queen Hope Parker, Jeremy Paten, Sean Randall, Jessica Strahan, Maddie Stratton, and Saegan Swanson.

300 years, 300 portraits: Meet the artists who’ll capture New Orleans icons on canvas. Photo by Doug Maccash

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