The Gallerist Has Left The Building

The gallerist has left the building  is an experimental social media campaign designed to empower people to trust their gut when it comes to art and to showcase the diversity of the New Orleans art community.

Art should be for everyone.

People of every description make art in New Orleans.

We believe the audience for that art should be equally inclusive.

Enjoying art doesn’t require a specialized degree.

Art and culture is New Orleans’ greatest natural resource.

Art should be as approachable as the city that inspires it.

Art is a manifestation of emotion. It’s a channel for communication. It’s a way to purge. To let go. To heal. 

Once the work leaves the Artist studio it takes on a new life. It takes on a new energy, open for interpretation. Suddenly, the art becomes less about what the artist meant for it and becomes more about what it means to you. 

Some works you’ll like. Some you won’t, but give yourself an opportunity to experience it. 

In 2020, you are the voice, comment or not, there’s no right or wrong, only what you feel.

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