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Summer in New Orleans can be brutal, so naturally there are those of us who flock to cooler climates to escape the heat. We asked three y’artists, Alex Kilburn, Jordan Wade, and Kat Ryalls to give us the scoop on what they have planned while traveling this summer. 

Alex Kilburn 

Alex is spending time in The Windy City painting a mural for The University of Chicago. Along with her painting partner, Shawn Bullen, Alex created a giant paint-by-numbers mural, inviting the university’s alumni to color between the lines as a part of their weekend celebration party. The duo are finishing the mural that will live on permanently at The University of Chicago. 

thumbnail_photo 2 thumbnail_photo 3 Alex_Kilburn_University_of_Chicago_Mural

Inspired by this project, Alex is starting a business creating giant adult coloring books for events, which you can book by sending her a message here.

Kat Ryalls

Kat is entering into the third year of her Threads Project.  It is a cross country road trip that entails two months of creating, exploring, connecting and challenging new ideas and inspiration. At its core, it is community building through the traditional method of letter writing. This summer Kat’s journey and letters are leading with the mantra “you are enough”.  This follows the path of attempting to let go the threads and thoughts that keep telling us that we have let down others, not lived up to expectations, made mistakes, hurt, said the wrong thing, done the wrong thing, eaten the wrong thing, been a coward, been too bold, been too selfish…when in reality you are enough.

Learning to love ourselves is the greatest gift we can give to others. Kat hopes, with the continuation of her Threads Project, that she can create a ripple effect of love and acceptance throughout different communities.


If you would like to be a part of Kat’s Threads project, click here.

Jordan Wade

At the beginning of June, Jordan taught a four day summer art camp in Alexandria, LA at Tree House Children’s Museum. Jordan led projects touching on different disciplines of art, such as painting, drawing, photography and sculpture, and was a fun-filled challenge for campers ranging in age from 4 years old to 11! You can read more about Jordan’s summer art camp here.


When she returns to New Orleans, Jordan will be spending the rest of her summer as one Becky Fos’s gallery directors, as well as updating her own artistic collection. 

“I’ll be expanding on themes of memory and perception vs. reality. I’ll be experimenting with resin on canvas and be doing more painting on fabric, layering translucent materials, etc. In all things, I want the beauty of what is real to be embraced.” 

Jordan is a firm believer in the power of artists helping artists and their responsibility to do and will be a second time volunteer with the New Orleans Art Council on the Decentralized Art Funding grant panel.

Check out more of Jordan’s work online at Where Y’Art, or at Ariodante Gallery on Julia Street, at Zele on Magazine.

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