Events + Big Dreams. Tiny Canvases.

big dreams. tiny canvses. art for art's sake.

Big Dreams. Tiny Canvases explores the juxtaposition of big and small, whether it be big and small pieces of art, big and small concepts, or big and small prices.

As part of the show, we invite viewers to begin their own personal art collection. Our visual display shows you both how to create a gallery wall and how small pieces put together can create a larger, inspired piece of art.

Featured works by: Alexandra Kilburn, Ashley Porter, Cecelia + Jose Fernandes, Connie Kittok, Connor McManus, Darien Bird, David Bergeron, Devin DeWulf, Erika Goldring, Frances Rodriguez, George McClements, Holly Heine, Jacquelyn LeVan, Jennifer Rowe, Keith Eccles, Laurel Buras, Lyla Clayre, Muffin Bernstein, Nurhan Gokturk, and Paul Troyano

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