Events + In the Community + Dance Your Way to Where Y’Artists at Jazz Fest (Second Weekend)

Dance your way to Where Y’Artists at the 2nd Weekend of Jazz Fest (Thursday, April 28 – Sunday, May 1)

The first weekend of Jazz Fest started out with a bang, and our New Orleans artists are more than ready to head out to the Fairgrounds. This week brings a new group of Where Y’Artists you can find out at Jazz Fest. Discover and shop their works below.

Contemporary Craft Tents

John Flemming_Where YArt_Jazz Fest_New Orleans Artist

John Flemming + colorful leather masks fit for a Venetian masquerade can be found in Tent G.


Alan Zakem + bright, colorful photographs with various creative exposures can be found in Tent K.

Louisiana Marketplace Tents

Teri_Walker_Chad_Ridgeway_New Orleans Artists_Where YArt_Jazz Fest

Ridgewalker Glass + brilliantly colored glass sculptures, vases, and glassware can be found in Tent E.

Renee Dodge_New Orleans Artist_Jazz Fest_Where Yart

Renee Dodge + intricate, nature-inspired jewelry can be found in Tent F.

Make sure to stop by our artists’ tents for handmade, local art, and don’t forget to tell ’em we sent ya!

Can’t make it to the Fest discover and shop their works on