Events + Delectable New Orleans Art at Po-Boy Fest

We are thrilled to team up with Oak Street Po-Boy Festival this year to host the first official Where Y’Art Market! The market will feature over 25 New Orleans artists, offering appropriately priced, one-of-a-kind local gifts, ranging from paintings and photographs to artful accents and jewelry. “Oak Street is a center for creativity in New Orleans, and we are excited to add an art ingredient to the Po-Boy Fest recipe. We strive to bring the best local art to you online and this opportunity allows us to bring the artists and works of Where Y’Art to you, in person.” – Where Y’Art co-founder, Collin Ferguson.

Join us on Oak Street for the 2015 Po-Boy Festival, Sunday November 22. Alongside the Where Y’Art Market, there will be two stages of live local music and more than 40 Po-Boy vendors from some of the best restaurants in the City. Entrance to the festival is free!

Date: Sunday, November 22
Hours: 10 am to 4 pm
Location: Behind Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church

Preview all of the participating Y’Artists here and get a jump on your holiday shopping.



Arts Kinetic
+ Forrest Bacigalupi’s eclectic jewelry utilizes vintage watch parts to create unique pieces.
Catherine DeYoung + colorful handmade enamel jewelry.
Coralie Jewelry + vintage prints preserved in resin and used to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry by Emily McDonald.
Lesley Hollon + jewelry designed with natural objects sealed in resin.
Porter Lyons + Ashley Porter’s one-of-a-kind jewelry adds an edge to any outfit.

Images of houses In Orleans parish on the 2011 list for FEMA demolition. Some were already demolished and the lots were photograped.

Images of houses In Orleans parish on the 2011 list for FEMA demolition. Some were already demolished and the lots were photographed.


Jose Fernandes + documentary photography showing less publicized parts of the City.
Erika Goldring + culturally-centered photographs of musicians and events around New Orleans.
Andy Levin + predominantly black and white photographs capturing the human spirit.
Eric Nunez + photographs that hone in on beautiful sculptural details around New Orleans.
Alan Zakem + vibrant photographs of New Orleans and the nature that surrounds it.
Jeremy Paten Graffiti Painting Love Boy Heart

Painting & Illustration

Gator Girl Art + Nancy Wolfe Kimberly’s vibrant portraiture with New Orleans and bayou themes.
Jon Guillaume
 + intricate, highly-detailed paintings & illustrations of New Orleans life.
Nurhan Gokturk + ink and watercolor architectural paintings.
Jill Hruska + highly textural works that often incorporate found objects.
STUDIO Kaiser + Chris Kaiser’s fantasy-inspired, vibrant abstract paintings.
Alexandra Kilburn + paintings of all sizes, including small ones perfect for gift-giving.
Connie Kittok + New Orleans inspired paintings on recycled wood crates.
Sarah Nelson + atmospheric canvases depicting nature and city-scapes.
Jeremy Paten + bright, graffiti-inspired works on canvas.
Kat Ryalls + dreamy, brightly-hued canvases often incorporating wildlife.

Ridgewalker Glass Yellow Bird Totem Vase Handblown


Paraph + sculptural mirrors, night lights, and stained glass pieces made by Caitlin Waugh.
Andrew Jackson Pollack + beautiful blown-glass sculptures, both functional and decorative.
Ridgewalker Glass + Teri Walker and Chad Ridgeway’s hand-blown glass sculptures and colorful wine goblets.

Jennifer_Rowe_New_ORleans_Map_PoBoy_Fest_Graphic Home Decor

NOLA Boards + Daren Sumrow’s cutting boards, each made with unique, varied woods.
Pieces and Patterns + handmade patterned pillows, quilts, handbags, and other home goods by Jennifer Rowe.

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Written by Megan Thomas