Artist Spotlight + Devin De Wulf: 10 years after the levees failed

I moved here after the levees failed. I am one of the post-flood volunteers that fell in love with New Orleans. Now I live here, have a family here, and will hopefully live here for the rest of my life. Not actually having gone through Katrina, I have the utmost respect for those that did. I can’t imagine the anguish and pain, especially for those who passed as a result.

I feel like there is a bit of controversy right now about how successful the recovery has been  – are we gentrified and losing our culture? Has the recovery been unfair and a reflection of America’s racism…?  While there is truth to that, I also believe that the people of New Orleans are the most amazing people I have ever met. They are strong people, loving people, and keepers of many beautiful traditions.
I fell in love with New Orleans because of the people I met. And I thank each and every one for returning to continue to make our city the best she can be.












Like many artists, I use my art to channel feelings and to hopefully raise questions or thoughts of the people that view my work. I want to spread love and goodwill through my art, but also remind the world of what has happened. New Orleans is a beautiful place – come hell or high water.


Devin De Wulf, New Orleans
10 years after the levees failed #MyX