Events + Fairer Sex Opens White Linen Night

Fairer Sex: Part One_Where Y'Art_New Orleans Artist

Beat the heat with Where Y’Art and The Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery as we celebrate the White Linen Night opening of Fairer Sex: Part One, an all-female interactive exhibition, featuring works by Ember Soberman, Lori Sperier, and Saegan SwansonRead more about the show on the blog.

Fairer Sex, an interactive exhibition allows you to virtually connect with the art and artists at your own comfort level. By scanning QR codes, show go’ers can discover more about the artists, stories behind each piece, as well as shop additional works in their catalog on Where Y’Art.

Fairer Sex: Part One is the first half of a dual-location all-female group show – the second half, Fairer Sex: Part Two will debut at The Where Y’Art Gallery on 1901 Royal Street during Dirty Linen Night on August 13.

Ember Soberman

Ember Soberman_Where Y'Art_New Orleans Artist

Ember Soberman, a Louisiana native, draws inspiration from New Orleans and the spaces where man-made and organic forms intersect. She uses encaustic painting to create multilayered, dimensional artworks through a process in which wax, resin, and pigments are heated, mixed, and applied in layers to plaster. Her subjects vary from abstract color fields to portraits and landscapes – all created with intent to preserve a sacred sense of place. Her work has been displayed in galleries across the US and abroad. 


Saegan Swanson

Saegan Swanson_Where Y'Art_New Orleans Artist

Saegan Swanson, who emerged on the New Orleans’ art scene after making her way to the Crescent City in 2013, turns to photographs as source images for her collection of figurative paintings. Evoking the nostalgia imbued within each photograph, Swanson’s intimate body of work centers on subjects who are both personal acquaintances and anonymous strangers found in old photo albums discovered at flea markets. Fairer Sex: Part One will mark the largest public showing of her works, an innovative collection that encompasses eight years of re-composing photographs through a paintbrush.


Lori Sperier

Lori Sperier_Where Y'Art_New Orleans Artist

A Louisiana native born with a passion for art, Lori Sperier employs a precise process to her figurative and landscape paintings while her abstract works tend to reveal themselves more organically with the materials and process dictating the outcome of the finished piece. Using a number of mediums in her works, she turns to oil and acrylic paints, compressed charcoal, pencils and molding paste to bring vibrant details, texture and richness to her artworks. 

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