In the Community + Hiding in Plain Sight: Must-See Murals, ‘Unframed’ Edition

On Saturday, June 1, several new murals were unveiled throughout the New Orleans Arts District as part of Unframed presented by The Helis Foundation, a project of the Arts Council New Orleans.  This is the first multi-mural exhibition of large scale artwork in Downtown New Orleans!

Keep reading to learn more about the artists who painted these larger than life works and explore the latest artistic additions to New Orleans skyline!

“Alaafia” by Carl Joe Williams

Location: New Orleans Copper Inc., 827 Tchoupitoulas Street

© Crista Rock

ALAAFIA – “Peace, Tranquility, Calmness and Good Tidings” coming from the person that says the word.

“In my journey as an artist, I have found that my creative impulses and social convictions and spirituality have harmonized. Through a sense of self-discovery and awareness, with this mural, I intend to create a work of art that is strongly connected to a familiar presence. 

For many years, I have been drawn to the African American traditions of quilt making. This interest has expanded to textiles, tapestries, and African fractals. All of these elements are integrated to create an abstract narrative that attempts to connect to the human condition, revealing dreams of peace and tranquility in the consciousness of people both present and departed.” – Artist Carl Joe Williams


Location: Ogden Museum of Southern Art, 925 Camp Street

© Crista Rock

Though MOMO, a New Orleans resident, has been painting around the world since the late 90s, this brand new mural is the first one he’s painted here.

MOMO’s artistic style centered around adapted masonry techniques, strategies based on collage, computer code, and seriality come together for an energetic addition to New Orleans’ skyline. The 93-foot-tall piece took 24 hours total to paint and was completed in three 8 hour shifts.

ETAM CRU” by Polish Muralists
Sainer & Bezt Etam

Location: The Park at South Market, The Domain Companies, 600 O’Keefe Avenue

ETAM CRU was painted by Polish painters and muralist Sainer and Betz Etam with help from local muralist Brendon Palmer-Angell. The mural is about 66 feet tall.

Brandan “B-Mike” Odums and Young Artist Movement, New Orleans

Location: Louisiana Capital Assistance Center, 636 Baronne Street

“Survive the drought, I wish you well.”

Brandan B-Mike Odums, New Orleans muralist and founder of Studio Be, collaborated with Young Artist Movement, New Orleans’ first city-wide youth mural initiative, engaging youth, artists, and communities in sustained public art and place-making. New Orleans designer @tvche_ is the muse featured in the mural.

“Vibrant and engaging murals have the power to transform communities. They transform bland facades into contemporary works that enhance our shared urban environment, reflect community character, seed civic dialog, and help strengthen an area’s sense of place.” Arts Council New Orleans Executive Director Heidi Schmalbach said.

“We are proud to partner with The Helis Foundation to reflect the artistic energy happening inside the museums and galleries on walls within the Arts District for the public to enjoy.”

Excerpt from Arts Council New Orleans

Unframed presented by The Helis Foundation, was a project of the Arts Council New Orleans.

Over the past three years Where Y’Art has scouted New Orleans to share our top must-see murals in the Marigny, Bywater and Treme neighborhoods. In that time, the amount of street art in New Orleans has more than doubled and the scene is exploding at the seams.

This is a part of an ongoing series where we spotlight New Orleans must-see murals and public art neighborhood by neighborhood. What’s your favorite New Orleans Street Art? Did we miss any of your favorites?

Every Sunday, we’ll be posting murals and public art around town to our Instagram. Take a picture, tag @WhereYart and use #NOLAmurals to let us know where your favorite murals and we’ll feature your selection.

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