For the Art Lover + How to Start Your Art Collection on a Budget

We want to help you begin your own personal art collection.
In this post you’ll find easy ways to think about how to begin collecting.

Define your art style.
Look around and discover
what you like.

Art is not just hanging on your walls. In New Orleans, art is all around us.
It’s the jewelry we wear. It’s the costumes we parade in. Get inspired.

You can tell a lot about your art style by who you are. If you have classic taste, perhaps you
may prefer landscapes vs. abstracts. If you funky, maybe you’ll like an eclectic mix of both.

Ask yourself some questions. What colors are you drawn to? Muted color palette or bold colors?

Art markets and online galleries have a variety of artists, price points and mediums.
It is a very approachable way to learn more about works.

Have a budget and save

Start setting aside some money for your collection.

Know what your budget is and stick within your limits.

Artwork comes in all prices and can fit any budget.

How to Start Your Art Collection

Start small and
consider limited edition prints

You can begin a great art collection on a budget…you just have to know where to look.

Buy from emerging artists as their works are typically more affordable and later on in your collection add in a mix of established artists.

Limited edition prints of an original are priced lower than the original itself.

With limited edition prints, remember the smaller the edition, the bigger the price.

How to Start Your Art Collection

Skip the big box prints
and opt for original pieces
by local artists.

For the same price of a print or piece of “art” from a big box store that thousands of people have, you can buy an original or limited edition print from a local artist.

Be proud of your art. When you buy local, you get more than just a piece of art. You get a story; a great conversation piece, and best of all, you get to know the person.

Trust what you like. Buy what you love.

Some love art but fear making an initial purchase, saying “I don’t know anything about it” in embarrassed tones. Art intimidation is real.

Guess what? You don’t have to be rich to buy art. You don’t have to have an art background or know the jargon. If you like art. You’re an art person. We live with art because it’s an investment in who we are, it tells your story.

Research the artist. Read a little about who they are and what inspires them.

Message the artist directly. You can find them online, Instagram or Facebook. Ask questions, artist love to talk about their work.

Buying art is like being in a relationship. First, you casually notice the artwork when browsing. Then, you visit the work regularly, to see if that initial attraction still exists. Next, you try it on to see if it fits. Lastly, you decide you can’t live without it.