Artist Spotlight + Inside Bergeron Woodworks

Functional. Upcycled. Conscientious

When you step into David Bergeron’s studio you might hear Afro-Cuban or Zydeco music playing as he sits down at his work table. The preference of music varies just as much as the unique materials he uses. Influenced by southern folk, outsider and tramp art styles, and seeing a ready supply of materials in overflowing dumpsters of lumber from renovations in and around New Orleans, he created a style that juxtaposes actual pieces of New Orleans history with fresh patterns and design.

Bergeron comes from a long line of creative influences and artists. His roots tie back to Marrero, Louisiana, where he was born and raised. His family’s self-taught ingenuity and inspiration, coupled with a desire to decrease lumber waste around New Orleans was the fuel he needed to pursue his passion.

The wood he chooses is de-nailed, cut, reworked and placed into each piece all by hand. The contrasting colors and design patterns reveal some of the original patinas and wear of the lumber. And no remnant is left to scrap.

“The most rewarding thing is creating value in a piece of material that is otherwise unwanted. I think that with a little time and creativity, all people and materials have value.” – David Bergeron

Explore more of the Bergeron Woodworks collection here. If you’re out at Jazz Fest the first weekend, be sure to stop by the Contemporary Crafts area of the Art Market and see the work in person!