Artist Spotlight + Inside the Artist Studio of Brandy Dufrene

Although photography was her first interest, illustration and natural pigment art have taken center stage.

Brandy Dufrene grew up in Louisiana’s bayou country. Her obsession with Oak trees, and deep love and respect for the natural environment is apparent in her artwork. Not only is she a photographer and illustrator, Brandy is a natural dye artist. Keep reading to get to know her more!

New dyes come from experimenting with organic materials like hibiscus flowers, turmeric, elderberries, rose hips, spinach, and more!

“Using wine, coffee, or homemade dyes made from vegetation or fruits, my illustrations are complemented by the unique color palette nature offers.” – Brandy Dufrene

“Mother and Child” – New Orleans’ City Park

“My interest in the grace and beauty of age also began early on. I fell head over heels for New Orleans and what I thought of as ‘living patina’. Her charm, her imperfections, and her grit make every day interesting and inspiring. Through photography I’m able to capture this element of life; the neglected, the broken, the aged, and the unseen. There is a haunting beauty of the gnarls of the live oak, the resurrection fern peeping out of brickwork, and the abandoned graffiti-laden building basking in the twilight.”

“Ultimately, my goal is to create art that speaks to people of all backgrounds, and art that brings awareness and advocacy for those who need it.”

Living Oak Dancer Collection: Twilight Bath – “The twilight bather, with her power and poise, represents women of age and wisdom. Her looser twisty gnarled limbs remind us of the beauty of time on our bodies.”

Each piece in Brandy’s collection tells a unique story that ties back to her love for nature, and belief in advocating for those who need it. Read the full Q&A and explore her collection here!