Artist Spotlight + Inside the Artist Studio of Ceaux

True. Vibrant. Perceptive.

Those are the three words Ceaux chose to describe his art. He is a New Orleans-born multidisciplinary artist living and creating in New Orleans, Louisiana. For over a decade his artwork has found its way across canvases, skin, and blank walls. We were lucky enough to be let in on the process of his latest mural on St. Claude Avenue at Elysian Fields. Keep reading for a special behind the scenes look!

Who is the beautiful woman in the mural? Her name is “Teedie.” She’s just a general representation of a 1990’s New Orleans lady. 

Ceaux in front of “Teedie” on St. Claude Avenue

How did this mural come about? It was commissioned by The Art Garage (located on St. Claude) They gave me creative control to paint what I wanted. The mural was inspired by the women of my childhood who helped shaped the character and attitude of inner-city N.O.

Photographs by Visionary Barnes

How long did it take? The process took me about 17 hours total. I would do a few hours a day here and there.

Photography by Visionary Barnes

Have long have you been painting murals? I’ve been down murals professionally for about 6 years. I’ve been painting on walls since about 2000. In my career, I think I have about 20 murals completed. I’ve done a better job at documenting the process lately. I have about 6 murals running currently now. I have 4 more going up in the next 2 months.

Photograph by Visionary Barnes

Ceaux also has work featured in “Art of Flavor”, Where Y’Art’s latest exhibition curated by Chef Nina Compton and’s 2016 Bartender of the Year, Abigail Gullo. Click here to check out Ceaux’s Artist Profile and Q&A. If you’re out at Jazz Fest this year, go see his work in person on the second weekend (May 3-6) in the Congo Square African Marketplace!

“Stuffed” by Ceaux