Artist Spotlight + Inside the Artist Studio of Connie Kittok

Fun. Soulful. Connection.

Fun, soulful, and connection are three words Connie Kittok, a Louisiana Contemporary Folk Artist uses to describe her work. She uses recycled material as her canvas for a richer texture and features oil varnishes and acrylics along with gold leaf to highlight.

“There is a spirit in New Orleans that you just can’t quite describe. The subjects I choose to paint are usually those that remind me of my southern roots. That’s what I try to capture in my paintings, the music, the people, the food and the culture, which is the soul of New Orleans and its roots. I have what you might call an impressionistic style. Some might call it Contemporary Folk. Quick wide brush strokes with flashes of color and highlights. My passion for the South comes across in the expressive nature of the colors I choose and the subjects I choose to paint,” says Kittok.

Connie Kittok is one of twelve artists chosen to portray 300 icons in celebration of New Orleans 300th birthday.

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