Artist Spotlight + Inside the Artist Studio of Gabe Flores

Gabriel Alexander Flores is a New Orleans-based artist that has been painting in the streets since the late 90s. His love for art has been strong since childhood. In fact, his introduction to screen printing came after being arrested and suspended in high school for spray painting his high school gym. The school officials had him enter a statewide art contest, and he won. The rest is history.

For almost two decades Gabriel has curated and exhibited in art shows around the city. His creative agency, New Orleans Paint and Design, was started to connect businesses with local artists, help create a sustainable economy around the mural arts, and make interesting use of public space.

Buddy Diliberto, by Gabriel Flores

He recently co-curated the Top Mob: A History of New Orleans Graffiti exhibit at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. This retrospective paid homage to the graffiti writers who influenced Gabriel, and outlined the history of graffiti in New Orleans.

Al Copeland Cajun Sparkle, by Gabe Flroes

Head to Gabriel’s Artist Profile to view his portrait of Al Copeland for’s 300 for 300 series.