Artist Spotlight + Inside the Artist Studio of Jono Goodman

“All parts of New Orleans that need a little tender love and care are great influences in my work.” -Jono Goodman

As a Native Louisianian, Jono Goodman is very familiar with natural disasters and the wreckage that comes after they pass through. Instead of harboring fear and resentment towards these uncontrollable catastrophes, Jono has found inspiration and artistry within. Keep reading to discover where the destruction and delicacy overlap in his mind.

Just Passing Through – Acrylic paints and mediums on wooden panel

“Whether it’s corrosion and decay from water intrusion or devastation and displacement of city blocks, nature’s disasters create fascinating visual compositions that seemingly cannot be reproduced by humans. There is a poetic beauty in the monumental scale of wreckage created by these phenomena.”

Water Rizin – Acid-free Rives BFK paper, graphic chemical inks, copper plate

“On one hand large scale wreckage occurring from nature’s elements seem to create unanticipated, abrupt compositions while on the other hand there is the decay and erosion that can only form over a specific amount of time. Through collage, lithography, as well as other printmaking methods, I embody a creative catastrophe by allowing my energy and personal touch to manifest what will become a representation of such visual aesthetics. Engaging in this imaginative exploration of decay and erosion allows me to harvest inspiration to reshape my art.”

SPLATT! – Copper plate etching on paper

“For years my work has been built on rebirth and renewal. This foundation is cultivated from an imaginative exploration of decay, erosion and beginnings. Recently my practice has become less about a renaissance and more about vulnerability, simplicity and new realities. It is less about intellectual art making and more about evaluation and relating my findings to the viewer. My work is always a representation of rebirth and renewal, only now does that apply to myself.”

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