Artist Spotlight + Inside the Artist Studio of Marcus Akinlana

“Bone funky solos!”

That is how Marcus Akinlana describes his art in three words. He is not only an artist, but also a musician, martial arts instructor and Olorisa Sango (priest – a practitioner of traditional West African culture). Keep reading to get to know Marcus and his rhythm in the studio !

Blowout by Marcus Akinlana

“My primary concern is to create pieces that have good strong structure. I begin by building basic rhythms throughout my composition and then improvise on those rhythmic patterns, changing them as I go along.”

“Spontaneity is a must. I approach an empty surface in the same way a jazz musician approaches a saxophone. My paintings are my solos which I try to make as funky as possible.”

Describe yourself in one word. Electromagnetic

What do you love the most about creating art in New Orleans? What particular part of your immediate environment, in your neighborhood specifically influences your work? I love the Afro-Caribbean multicultural laissez-faire culture of New Orleans.

Shotgun in Paradise I

Describe your creative process. Are there any rituals or rites of passage you exercise before you begin a new piece? Meditation, prayers and years of formal training and practice.

Where do you draw inspiration? My inspiration is drawn from the African Diaspora, the culture of New Orleans and world culture.

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