Artist Spotlight + Inside the Studio of Bryan Brown

Bryan Brown is an artist born and raised in New Orleans. Working predominantly in acrylics and charcoal, his art strives to inspire, invoke thoughts, bring awareness, and celebrate the youth and the culture of New Orleans. We sat down with ten questions for Bryan. Get to know him here.

Describe your art in three words.
Past. Present. Future.

Describe yourself in one word.

What do you love the most about creating art in New Orleans? What particular part of your immediate environment, in your neighborhood specifically influences your work? Being from New Orleans, I enjoy knowing that I am a part of the culture. I know several of these culture bearers personally, and it  makes me happy to create paintings that celebrate what they do. People inspire 80% of my work. I love understanding why people think the way they do and create the way they do, and the way we get out of problematic situations. Children are my biggest inspiration. We are responsible for the way they are shaped. Being a positive influence can make a big difference in the way they think.

Describe your creative process. Are there any rituals or rites of passage you exercise before you begin a new piece?
I do a smoke ritual before and throughout every piece of work. 😉

Bryan Brown painting ‘Sunkissed’ which was sold in the Masterpeace art opening.

Where do you draw inspiration?
Most of my inspiration comes from those who can teach me, whether its an older person or just a more experienced person and my peers. We often bounce ideas off of each other and grow from there. 

Who are your artistic influences or gurus?
First off would be Terrance Osborne and Marcus Akinlana from the NOLA scene. Then there’s Kadir Nelson, Kehendi Wiley.

In New Orleans, art and music go hand in hand. What type of music, band or song lyric best describes your work?
I’m a huge J.cole fan. I relate to the messages and stories he raps. Also, I hear lyrics in a variety of music genres that relate to my journey. This is because we are all the same when it boils down to it, past our skin, environment, and religion.

Where can we find you when you are not creating art?
The plan is to not be found, but I do visit The Tipping Point with Dj Rqaway sometimes to vibe with my peers. But, other than that I’m with my family or randomly placed throughout the city at various events or places.

What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year? I’m pretty open to all times of the day, as long as I’m healthy and breathing and my family is doing the same. I’m OK. The times I sell a piece of art are my happiest moments outside of being with my son.

What is something people don’t know about you? A fun fact. I was a hip hop producer before Hurricane Katrina and often dream about making and writing music..

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