Artist Spotlight + Inside the Studio of Ellen Macomber

Describe yourself in one word. Hustler


Commissioned painting for the New York Times in progress.

When you walk in to Ellen Macomber’s Studio you should proceed with caution. In every direction you will see scraps of fabric and sewing needles strewn about, wet glass paintings in progress, maybe a bag full of snakeskin. Somewhere in the chaos lies clarity and creativity abounds.

Vintage brooches and costume jewelry adorn the shoulders of a handmade caftan.

Ellen is an artist on a mission. Create, create, create. What started as a request for a sewing machine from her mother as a graduation present has evolved into a diverse catalog unique art. She began her journey by selling pieces at music festivals across the country. The money she earned took her across the world to places like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. Her collection of vibrant textiles that she has been picking up throughout her life is now being shaped into an intricate array of handmade caftans which will be premiered in a fashion show at the shop at CAC this week. Each one is a collage of memories and momentos from carefully collected throughout her life.

Ellen started painting maps on glass as a form of therapy. That hobby has flourished into beautiful, large scale murals depicting her home state of Louisiana. Some of it is painted onto fresh glass, others on upcycled windows whose layers of dirt and muck have been meticulously scraped away.

‘New Orleans at Large’

Commissioned mural for The Shop at CAC.

In addition to being a full-time mom she is also a gallery owner. Her new space at 1516 Magazine Street showcases her collection of apparel, paintings and even vintage costumes. To read more about Ellen’s inspirations head to her artist profile and follow her page for updates!