Artist Spotlight + Inside the Studio of Maggie Covert LeBlanc

‘Cause I’m walkin’ to New Orleans — I’ve got no time for talkin’ — I’ve got to keep a-walkin’ -Fats Domino

In New Orleans, art and music go hand in hand. To Maggie Covert LeBlanc, the artist behind WalkingMan Studios, the lyrics to Fats Domino’s, Walking to New Orleans, best describes her work. Maggie specializes in custom home portraits and whimsical architectural illustrations, paintings, and most recently a series of “Walking Illustrations”.


Each walking piece is meant to provoke a feeling of movement (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental)- growth in one’s life and development. With these illustrations, I hope to portray a joy that art, culture and people are missing in modern times.

Focusing on joy with a little whimsy, as well as historical or spiritual undertones, I aim to show that everyone walks a similar path.” 

“Since Hurricane Katrina, I have been exploring the ideas of losing the contributing factors that make a place home. I have been drawn to the repetitive nature of disastrous events along with the governmental, social, and geographic reactions to these.”

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