Artist Spotlight + Inside the Studio of Sean Clark

“As the son of a dentist and seamstress I feel I was destined to use my hands for crafting works of art.” – Sean Gerald Clark

Sean Clark is a self taught artist. He studied drawing at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. After he moved to New Orleans, he aimed to bridge the gap between art and public health and spread awareness on various health issues. Somewhere between the meeting room at his day job and his art studio, he found that doodling helped him focus his attention. These doodles transpired into a series of paintings titled, “Meeting Notes.”

Clark’s most recent pieces are a collection of vibrantly detailed masks. “I use the palette knife to paint due to the rich color and texture it provides to a piece.”

“Mask are tools for exploring self-identity. While they have been used traditionally to conceal an identity they can also be used to make visible and amplify unseen parts of who we are. The mask is a map of the individual. Each region of the mask and its design represents a unique part of who we are. It’s design and make-up is rooted in and inspired by the tradition of our ancestors. It is a retrospective that helps us explore our beginnings to better understand where and who we are now.”

Here’s a fun fact about Sean Clark: He’s a Disease Intervention Specialist for the Office of Public Health in Louisiana.

Read more about Sean in his artist profile here.