For the Art Lover + How Kat Ryalls’ Watercolors Inspired Me

Like many other residents of this city, I’m a transplant. A couple years ago, I visited New Orleans and fell in love. Although I love my home state of Virginia, I was eager for a change, so I packed what I could fit in my car and found myself settled in the Big Easy. A year into my stay in New Orleans, I discovered Where Y’Art and knew I wanted to be part of their mission, so I got an internship writing their blog.

I love New Orleans. But there’s something about the Virginia mountains that is always tugging at my heart. I dream about them, long for them; a long mountain drive is a requirement every time I go home. My parents live on the top of a hill, and if I walk down the street, I have the most breathtaking view of the misty Blue Ridge Mountains that I can never get tired of. I had a crazy sense of deja vu when I saw Kat Ryalls’ painting of the Blue Ridge from her new series of watercolors she just added to Where Y’Art — it looked exactly like the view from my parents’ house. I knew right away I had to have it.

Kat Ryalls Blue Ridge Mountains on Where Y'Art

Kat’s watercolors tell an inspiring story — they are part of her Threads project she is working on, collecting images from an 11,000 mile, 10-week journey across the United States that she took last summer. Her intention is to use the sales from her pieces inspired by the trip to fund the creation of one big art project about it. You can read more about Kat’s Threads project on her website.

Kat Ryalls Where YArt

Visiting Kat’s Where Y’Art page allowed me to read about the story behind the watercolor, which made me want to buy the piece more and help fund the project. She had one size available, a 5″ x 7″, but I wanted something bigger. I used the Send Message feature on her page to ask if she could make me anything bigger. Within minutes, Kat wrote back to me. We agreed on a size and a price and she told me she’d have a purchase option available for me later that same day. That’s what I love about Where Y’Art — I was able to learn the story behind the art, talk to the artist, and customize the piece to fit what I was looking for, all in one place within a very short time period.

Check out the rest of Kat’s pieces on her Where Y’Art pageYou might find something you connect with, too!