In the Community + Like White on Rice – Get Stuck on Lundi Gras with the Red Beans Parade

Lundi Gras is a week away, and over at New Orleans artist Devin DeWulf’s pad red beans are being glued at a fever pitch. Why? The Red Beans Parade, created by DeWulf, is set to roll in the Marigny, Monday February 8. DeWulf created the Red Beans Parade as a celebration of New Orleans culture and his love of red beans, and they fittingly march on the day when New Orleanians traditionally eat their beloved signature dish – Mondays.

Most New Orleanians know about eating red beans and rice on Mondays, but not everyone knows its history. Back in the dark ages, women would do their laundry on Mondays. While they were washing, the lady of the house would put red beans on the stove for dinner because the dish required little attention. Typically, the beans are seasoned with the ham bone from Sunday night’s dinner.

2016 marks the 8th annual Red Beans Parade, so we asked DeWulf a few questions about what we can expect from this years parade. He even gave away some spoilers about his family’s bean suits!

Red Beans Parade Devin DeWulf Mardi Gras

Why do you think this year is going to be the best year yet?
We have a special coming out ceremony this year that I’m pretty excited about. I think it’s going to be pretty cool for the crowd. Hopefully, the weather will be great.

What are you most excited about for the parade?
This year we have some children that are participating that are making their own bean suits. I just had a baby girl 9 months ago, so I’m excited to see her out there. She’s going to be a little caterpillar, attached to her mom, my wife, who is going to be a moth.

How many people are marching with you this year?
We have 60 people in our Krewe. There’s always hundreds of people that join us in the second line.

Devin DeWulf Red Beans Parade Costume Founder
Can you give us a clue about your costume?
I make a suit every year. I’m using a lot of pinto beans and I’ve got a cool Mexican folk art thing in the back. It’s a sacred heart with milagros (traditional religious folk charms) nailed to it.
The Red Beans Parade starts at 2 pm on Lundi Gras Day at the corner of Port and Royal Streets. Check out the route to follow the parade, and don’t forget to tell ’em we sent you!
Devin DeWulf is a New Orleans artist who lives in the Bywater.
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