Artist Spotlight + Katrina 10: Emerging From The Flood

Emerging from the Flood, Andy Levin Chief Roderick Sylvas of the Wild Tchoupitoulas parades past a blighted house damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2007. This photograph symbolizes the resilient spirit of the Mardi Gras Indians and the city of New Orleans so prominent in the years after Hurricane Katrina when it was unclear if the… Read more »

Events + X, The Variable of Progress: In Case You Missed It

On the morning of August 26, 2005, after the storm passed through New Orleans, the levees failed and the world fell silent in shocked disbelief. What happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina  forever changed the landscape of New Orleans. The Katrina X, used by the National Guard to mark their search, still remains on… Read more »

Artist Spotlight + Two Y’Artists Selected for Louisiana Contemporary at Ogden Museum

Fernandes’s choice to stay in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina allowed him to develop a true photographic voice within his documentary work. His pieces capture those caught in the crossroads of history, whose optimism and defiance in spite of repression and poverty are used daily as a means of survival. In Cecelia + Jose Fernandes’s… Read more »