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Hiding In Plain Sight: Must See Murals Below Esplanade Pt. 2

We’ve scouted New Orleans to bring you a few must-see murals in the Marigny, Bywater and Treme neighborhoods. While scouting art, we wondered what the difference was between graffiti & street art. So, we asked New Orleans street artist, Jeremy Paten for his two cents. “If I had to describe the two, I would say that graffiti rejects established standards, encourages experimentation, and draws… Read more »

Portraits from Week 42

We’re excited to share with you the forty-second week of portraits recently published on, including Patricia Gay, Jan Ramsey, Sunny Norman, Angela Gregory, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, and Judy Watts. Patricia Gay, by Saegan Swanson “Patty is one of the country’s strongest voices for preservation in the broadest sense. She knows all of the facts and figures, as… Read more »