In the Community + The Cajun Navy: Every Man A Hero

The response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have been characterized by numerous grassroots efforts. Louisiana’s Cajun Navy is one of the most notable efforts in response to the flooding of East Texas. Another grassroots effort, Principals Helping Principals, provides support to affected schools in Texas. They have already received over 300 requests for assistance and this number will only grow.

As emergency rescues were still taking place, Devin De Wulf settled into his backyard shed and artist-studio and began painting Every Man a Hero. He wanted to thank the members of The Cajun Navy and help raise money for schools affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“Despite the tragedy and sadness in Texas and Florida – there are many inspiring examples of humanity,” says De Wulf. “With all the issues we face as a nation, it is inspiring to see these grassroots organizations come together and help each other. The most inspiring example of this is The Cajun Navy – hundreds of regular Louisianans with boats and big hearts.”

“We, as Louisianians know what it’s like to rebuild,” says Collin Ferguson, co-founder of Where Y’Art. “We believe these grassroots efforts define the spirit and resilience of our region, people helping people, where Every Man a Hero can be our universal battle cry.”

With every painting or print you purchase, Where Y’Art will give 100% of the proceeds to Texas classrooms identified by Principals Helping Principals, starting with KIPP 3D Academy and Watkins Middle School of Houston, Texas.

Additionally, Every Man a Hero can be purchased and donated as a thank you gift to members of The Cajun Navy for their brave and selfless efforts.

Every Man a Hero, letterpress 11″ x 17″ print available for $35

Every Man a Hero, limited edition 20″ x 26″print available for $75

Every Man a Hero, original 3′ x 5′ oil painting is available for $2000