Events + Where Y’Art Market at Fiya Fest 2016

In case you are feeling the music withdrawal blues between weekends one and two of Jazz Fest, New Orleans has another great music festival to offer right in between: Fiya Fest. Fiya Fest takes place on Wednesday, April 27 from 1-10 pm at Mardi Gras World.

The event is in support of a great cause; Fiya Fest supports the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic, a local charity that provides affordable healthcare to New Orleans musicians. This year we are excited to announce that Where Y’Art is the official art sponsor of the event! You will be able to find eight of our local, New Orleans artists, as well as a Where Y’Art booth at the Where Y’Art Market. The exact location of each artist’s booth can be found under the Locations tab of the artist’s Where Y’Art page.


Nurhan Gokturk_Fiya Fest_Where Yart

Nurhan Gokturk + dreamy, ethereal watercolors in all different sizes.

Daren Sumrow_Where YArt_Fiya Fest

Daren Sumrow + NOLA Boards will be selling cutting boards made of Louisiana wood.

Andy Levin_Fiya Fest_Where Yart

Andy Levin + iconic photographs of life in New Orleans.

Emily McDonald_Fiya Fest_Where YArt

Emily McDonald + cards, postage stamps, maps, and more preserved in resin and made into one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Porter Lyons_Fiya Fest_Where YArt

Porter Lyons + unique jewelry that is sure to be a statement piece.

Kat Ryalls_Fiya Fest_Where YArt

Kat Ryalls + small to large scale, vibrantly hued watercolor paintings.

Tony Nozero_Fiya Fest_Where YArt

Tony Nozero + large-scale, jewel-toned paintings.

Drew Cooke_Fiya Fest_Where Yart

Drew Cooke + brightly colored paintings and sculptural works, often featuring pineapples.

You can discover all of the Fiya Fest artists in one place by shopping our Fiya Fest 2016 Collection.