Catherine Todd, Co-founder & Creative Director

I didn’t get an advanced degree. I don’t have an official curatorial background. I’ve never worked in a gallery or museum before. Some could say, I am not qualified to be an “art person” or judge of artists work. My passion for the arts is instinctual and comes from a lifetime spent surrounded by it. From growing up in New Orleans, to having an artist for a mother, living and working as a graphic designer turned art-repreneur. My style and taste developed over time, creativity influenced by the neighborhoods I’ve lived in and the people I met. I live with art, and invest in the artists, not because I am a collector, or because I run an arts business, but because I believe art is transformative. It enriches my daily life, helps me find humor in the hard times and sense out of the senseless. My experience informed my will to solve a problem. Art doesn’t have to be intimidating. It’s the lifeblood of our city, New Orleans’ greatest natural resource. Art should be as approachable as the city that inspired it.

Collin Ferguson, Co-founder & Managing Director

My love affair with New Orleans began at Tulane University, where I was torn between studying art and business. My eventual decision to attend Tulane’s AB Freeman School of Business prepared me for the world of marketing without ever eclipsing my love of art.

Time abroad, spent as a teacher in Thailand and volunteering in Latin America exposed me to administrative practices in diverse, international environments. The act of travel also reconnected me with my old passion for art. In 2011, after over six years overseas, I settled back in New Orleans and founded Birds of a Feather NOLA, which focuses on feather hair pieces and headdresses, encaustic painting, and photography. Within a year of launching Birds of a Feather, I became a self-sustaining artist, and within two years, I could barely keep up with orders. During this time I witnessed firsthand the difficulties of arts promotion and marketing among local colleagues, and at the same time was approached by Catherine Todd regarding Where Y’Art. A business was born.

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Heather Booth, Community Manager

I was raised in New Orleans where I was always inspired by the heart, soul, and culture of the city. After high school, I went on to graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Fiber Arts. Upon my return home I began to immerse myself in the New Orleans art culture. I worked with many art co-ops and frequented art gatherings and festivals, which eventually led me to Where Y’art. I continue to create art with a current focus on jewelry and metals.

CeCe Purnsley, Assistant Community Manager

Having family in Louisiana, we always made our way down to visit at least once a year and stop by New Orleans. Sometimes it was during the Winter season holidays, sometimes it was Mardi Gras, but every time it was one of my favorite cities. I was always drawn to the soul and culture of the city. Fast forward to a recent period in my life where I had the chance to pack up and move, I already knew where I was headed. After using my marketing background and lended my coordinating efforts to Raleigh, NC for cultural arts organizations and multiple festivals such as Moogfest and First Night Raleigh, I packed my bags and headed further South. Here I hope to fully immerse myself into the heart of the city— it has character.

Alison Towell, Junior Designer

I grew up immersed in art and music. Raised by two musicians in Morehead, Kentucky. In school, my favorite subject was always art. I learned every medium I could; pottery, painting, sculpture, mixed media, street art, basket weaving. Not only was I creating art at an early age, but my grandmother also taught me to collect art. In 2014, I moved to New Orleans to pursue a degree at Loyola University. During my time at Loyola, I discovered my passion for design. Upon graduation in 2018, I accepted a job with the Mcllhenny Company, the makers of TABASCO, as a Digital and Social Marketing Associate. My position was multifaceted, and I was able to have the opportunity to learn from various branches within the company.  Today, I still love to learn as much about art as I can and am inspired by New Orleans.

Josh Brasted, Photographer

Josh Brasted grew up in New Orleans and attended both Ben Franklin High School and the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. After receiving a degree in film from the University of New Orleans, Josh’s interests shifted to still photography and his passion for it has grown exponentially. Josh’s interest in the documentation of the local arts and music scene lead to early notoriety, landing photos in The New York Times and Spin Magazine.

Josh’s photos have since appeared in national and international publications including The LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, The Guardian, Billboard, National Geographic, Vogue, Time, and Rolling Stone. When not holding a camera, Josh enjoys traveling, snorkeling and horseback riding.