Events + X, The Variable of Progress: In Case You Missed It

X_Graphic_Gallery_ShowOn the morning of August 26, 2005, after the storm passed through New Orleans, the levees failed and the world fell silent in shocked disbelief. What happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina  forever changed the landscape of New Orleans. The Katrina X, used by the National Guard to mark their search, still remains on houses as a visual reminder of our individual & collective loss. X, as Roman Numeral ten, commemorates 10 years post-Katrina. X is also a defining variable in algebra and when used f(x), we know it not as one constant number but, as a variable that can reflect many numbers.

X, The Variable of Progress Part I, explores urban & environmental progress in New Orleans in the 10 years following Hurricane Katrina.

X, The Variable of Progress, Part One

Selected works by local New Orleans artists: M. Bellavia, Lyla Clayre, George Dolgy, Mignon Faget, Jose Fernandes, Jono Goodman, Cheryl Grace, Jill Hruska, Chris Kaiser, Chris Lawson, Andy Levin, Ross Lunz, Patricia Maus, Connor McManus, Sarah Nelson, Ashely Porter, Frances Rodriguez, & Nancy Wolfe Kimberly.

X, The Variable of Progress, Part II / SOUND OFF
presented in partnersip with The Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery

“We all do ‘do, re, mi,’ but you have got to find the other notes yourself.” – Louis Armstrong

X, The Variable of Progress, Part Two / Sound Off

Sound Off is a visual score through the spectrum of time & human emotion and explores how music saved New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Selected works by local, New Orleans artists: Garrett Haab, Eric Nunez, George McClements, Cheryl Anne Grace and Matthew Hance.

So, in case you missed it…the shows are still on view.

PART I / View X, The Variable of Progress online
PART II / The Old No. 77 Hotel + Chandlery / 535 Tchoupitoulas